Where are you?
We’re at the Bonus Stage, set in the basement of Playnation Games, Croydon.

Do you have accessibility information?
Certainly, it can be found here.

Can I bring children?
Sorry, no – the nights have alcohol and some songs have adult themes and language. Try the Heart of Gaming above us, with dozens of arcade machines and consoles set to free play.

Didn’t you used to be a free/donation run event?
We did. For the majority of our time we ran via donations which was supplemented by payment from our personal funds. Sadly this is no longer feasible so we now need to run as a ticketed event.

Where does the ticket money go?
Lights, downloadable songs, repairs on the kit, and towards the cost of running the venue itself. Bonus Stage isn’t just the new home for Rock Club London, it’s a venue we’re building and running. If you choose the Supporters add-on, then in addition to getting a drink and a badge, your money will further help us improve the facilities and venue.

Can you get *insert song name here* for me to play?
We always like to keep our song library fresh and frequently add new songs, however we are (for the most part) limited to those songs that are released officially for Rock Band 4. If they were unable to license the song, then we’re unable to offer it.